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Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness

About the Owner

Wayne (on the Right) Accepting his diploma for successful completion of the General Instructor Course part 2 from Marton Pinter (Expert 3) KMG International Team)

    Wayne Helms is the owner of Elite Krav Maga Training and Fitness. He has over23 years of coaching and training experience!

    Wayne has a lifelong love of sports and fitness training. Wayne first discovered his love of one on one competition and team sports when he signed up for Judo. After many years of training and with the retirement of his instructor he was encouraged to go out for the Middle School wrestling team. From there the rest is history!

     He went on to have great success as a high school and college wrestler. Becoming a 2X Academic All-American and winning a National Title in Sambo wrestling. After his career was over he moved smoothly into coaching High School Wrestling. During his time as a High School Wrestling Coach he helped to mentor 2 state champions, 10 PA state place winners and numerous league champions. Furthermore, he has coached every level including college and professional Athletes. 

    Eight years ago he was looking for a new challenge and a way to really help people he then started Elite Training LLC. a Personal Training and Sports Performance company that has helped many student- athletes from a variety of sports stay injury free and have success with in their sports! In addition, to the athletes that he has developed,  mentored and trained, Wayne has worked with a variety of adults from all walks of life to get fit and healthy through his highly customized fitness training programs! 

     With all of that coaching and training experience he has now evolved his business once again into Elite Krav Maga and Fitness! 

Come in and get great Krav Maga or Fitness Training with Wayne today!

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Personal Trainer/Sports Performance Coach

Richard Sheeran will also be joining us at Elite Krav Maga Training to offer his soft tissue Therapy. With a background as a private body guard and personal trainer, Richard has personal familiarity with the strain a physically demanding profession takes on the body. His education includes 650 hours at the Cortiva Institute of Muscle and Massage Therapy and countless hours since aiding the recovery needs of those all across the Delaware Valley.

Richard works in varying modalities including Sports Massage, Corrective Massage, Deep Tissue, Gua Sha, Cupping and Trigger Points.

With years of experience working with athletes,
I am well aware that the constant physical demands take a toll on the body. Bringing in these highly qualified and respected soft tissue experts will benefit our clients immensely. Richard is available anytime with 24  hours notice.

For more information or to set up an appointment please check out the link belows

Website: Sheeranmassagetherapy.com

Email: Sheeranmassagetherapy@gmail.com

Massage Therapist

Dan Webber is a Certified Personal Trainer/Sports Performance Coach. He is a great addition to the  Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness team! Dan, has a passion for fitness, healthy living and enjoys being a part of his Personal Training Clients and Athletes success!

Dan holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Immaculata University with a minor in psychology. Furthermore, he has attained a nationally recognized Personal Fitness Training Certification with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Additionally, he has attained a  master’s degree at Temple University in the psychology of human movement department. Dan wishes to help people not only with the physical part of training but also with the mental side of their fitness and athletic pursuits.

Staying active is an important part of Dan’s life. He enjoys a wide variety of athletic endeavors as he is a member of the Temple University Club Wrestling Team, a sport he has been involved in since the age of seven. He also was a member of many swim teams and has been competitively swimming for the last seven years and has coached a swim team for the past two summers. He also trains regularly in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu.

Dan is excited to help others reach their own goals, whether through sport performance training, general fitness or mental training programs that he offers!

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Instructors & Trainers

Dan is certified by the following organizations: 
   Immaculata University          B.S.Exercise Science

        Master's Of Sports           Psychology, 2018  
   TRX Certified  
   CPR/AED/1st Aid

Shira Barfield Education and Training
-Bachelor of Science Exercise Science- Temple University
-Research on the benefits of massage for Sport Recovery

Massage Therapist

We are very excited to announce a great service we are able to bring to our new Newtown Square location at 5161 West Chester.

Starting October 1st, two soft tissue experts will be available on site to treat the needs of our Athletes, Fitness clients and Krav Maga Practitioners.  From preventative to therapeutic, each brings knowledge and experience for our clients. Also, non-members are always welcome! 

All of Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness Instructors and Assistant Instructors are certified through Krav Maga Global (KMG) and have been trained directly under Eyal Yanilov who is the highest ranking Krav Maga practitioner in the world and the KMG Global Instructor Team. 

Also, all of our Fitness Trainers have obtained college degrees in related fields as well as hold nationally recognized fitness certifications. 

 Introducing, Shira Bardfield to the Elite Training Team is an exercise physiologist who has extensive experience researching and developing proven techniques for applying massage to enhance performance and aid recovery. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science – Exercise Science from Temple University and Holistic Health Practitioner Certification from Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego. With 30 years of experience in the fitness and wellness field, Shira has developed an integrative approach to soft tissue recovery which she individualizes for each client. As an athlete herself, currently holding 8 Masters World Records in Powerlifting, Shira understands the rigorous toll intense workouts take on an athlete’s body and she has many methods to aid healing.
Shira works in varying modalities including active and positional release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping and myofascial release.

Shira is in very high demand and we are lucky to have her to work with our clients.

That is why she is ONLY available by appointment on Tuesdays. Book today by emailing at Shira_barfield@yahoo.com

Wayne (on the Right) Accepting his diploma for successful completion of the General Instructor Course part 3 from Albert (Expert 3) KMG International Team)

Wayne is certified by the following organizations: 
   West Chester University B.S.
    Krav Maga Global Instructor Graduate Level 1
    TRX Certified, TRX Sports Medicine Certified 
    Certified Spinning Instructor
    USA Wrestling Silver Level Coach
    CPR/AED/1st Aid Certified

   Over 23 years of Coaching & Training experience

    Coached 2 State Champions

    Sambo National Champion
   Wrestling Academic All-American