5161 West Chester Pike

Newtown Sqaure, PA 19073

Class Schedule 

Monday & Wednesdays

Youth Wrestling Practice  4:30-5:30pm

Must have 1 year of experience 

8 Week Beginners Krav Maga Camp 5:30-6:30pm 

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Advanced Krav Maga 6:30-7:30pm

Must Complete our 8 week Beginners Course




Open Gym/Open Mats $45 per month

Beginner Krav Maga Camp $99 for 8 weeks

Kettlebell, Advanced Striking and Advanced Krav Maga $145 per month
We now accept Credit Cards.
We also offer Private Training for Fitness & Krav Maga Training

Call or email for rates. 610. 203.1409 or

April 26st to June 23rd 2021

2021 Krav Maga Beginners Camp 


Call: 610.203.1409

Class Descriptions

Advanced Krav Maga Class- Advanced Krav Maga Class is by invite only. This training option is for the true Krav Maga practitioner! You have a set schedule and can make the commitment to take your self defense and fitness to new levels all while having a great time! Krav Maga is realist Self-Defense System that is easy to learn. With commitment and consistency you can become proficient in as little as 9 months. Sign Up in advance is encouraged. By Invitation ONLY 

Advanced Krav Maga Class- Monday and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm

Advanced Krav Maga Striking- Advanced Krav Maga Striking Class is by invite only! Good striking is paramount to becoming a great Krav Maga Practitioner. The more effective and efficient your striking is the more enjoyable your Krav Maga Training becomes. Our Strike Lab class offers striking fundamentals, basic combinations, footwork and fighting tactics. As our classes grow and our clients become better we will add an advanced strike lab in the future. Sign Up in advance is encouraged. By Invitation ONLY 

Advanced Striking Class- Monday and Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm​​

Sports Performance- For both male and female athletes ages 9-13. Age appropriate with a focus on the fundamentals  of strength training will be covered including, proper technique, spotting, warming up and keeping a training log. Equipment used will be body weight, TRX, Medicine balls and much more! All Levels welcomed, great for beginners.  Sign Up in advance is encouraged.

 January 4th to February 24th 2021

Call or email to get started:

Phone: 610.203.1409  


Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness

Largest Krav Maga & Fitness Training Center in Delco! 

March1st to April 21st 2021

                                                     Beginners Krav Maga Camp Schedule 

8 Week Beginners Camp ONLY $99​

September 14th to November 4th 

Monday and Wednesdays