Newtown Square Location:

Open Monday thru Thursday 6am to 8pm

Friday 6am to 6pm

Saturday 6am to 3pm

Sunday Closed

KRAV MAGA TRAINING: All of Elite Krav Maga Training Instructors are certified through Krav Maga Global (KMG) and have been trained directly under Eyal Yanilov who is the highest ranking Krav Maga practitioner in the world and the KMG Global Instructor Team. 

FITNESS & SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING: All of our Fitness Trainers have obtained college degrees in related fields as well as hold nationally recognized fitness certifications. Furthermore, Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness' owner Wayne Helms  has over 22 years of training and coaching experience! 

        Services that we offer:


                      Personal Fitness Training, 1-on-1, Buddy Training & Small Group Training

                                   Fire Fighter Fitness/LEO, 1st Responder Fitness

​                                                       We are the exclusive Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Upper Darby Professional Fire Fighters. We                                                                          understand the unique needs and job requirements of being a 1st responder. We have put together a complete                                                                 training program to keep you injury free and performing at your best! 


                                   Hard Style Kettlebell Classes

                                                        This Class follows the well researched,  principle base and proven methods of Pavel at Strong First. This Class is                                                           designed for every day people looking to get fit and stay injury free and feel better!  Many  top athletes, MMA                                                                   Fighters, Krav Maga Practitioner use this training method to excel! 


                                  Cardio Kick Boxing

                                                        A fun and challenging  class that combines bootcamp style methods with kickboxing techniques to leave you                                                                   wanting  more! 


                    Krav Maga  

​                     Krav Maga, Classes, 1-on-1, Buddy Training & Small Group Training

                                   Krav Maga Class

                                                       Considered one of the best, most complete and battle tested self defense systems in the world Krav Maga                                                                      has best solutions to real world attacks! Not only can you learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe but you                                                          can burn up to 800 calories per training session! 

​                                   Strike Lab

                                                       Better your striking the strong your Krav Maga will be! This class is necessary in building a true Krav Maga                                                                      Practitioner! We teach basic through advanced striking techniques and combinations to strengthen you ability to                                                              defense yourself and loved ones! 

                                   Woman Only Krav Maga Class

​                                                        This class is designed to for woman to help woman become more comfortable in training Krav Maga in our                                                                       regular class that can be just too much for some that has never trained before. We will also mostly deal                                                                            with attacks that are most common to woman. It is our belief that this class is a stepping stone for                                                                                    members to join our regular Krav Maga Classes. 

                                   Wrestling/Grappling for Self-Defense

                  Athlete Training

​                                    Sports Performance Speed & Agility, Strength & Conditioning

                                    Team & Group Training 

                                    Performance Testing

                                    Functional Move Screen

                                    Injury Prevention

                                    FMS Bridge Program for athletes that have been cleared by a PT


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