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Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness

2018 Specialty Seminar Schedule
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Multiple Attacker Seminar 

Sunday, April 29, 2018


$45 for Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness 

$55 for Non-Members 

Details coming soon

Our Goal is to Raise $10,000

All profits will benefit buying Delaware County (Delco) Paramedics Bullet/Slash Proof vests! This life saving equipment is not provided by their employer! Please help keep those safe that come to your rescue!

4 Hour Sammy Oropeza Striking and Fight Strategy Seminar

After the success of our last seminar with Sammy we realized that we left a lot on the table.  

Sammy offers great striking techniques and drills that are very different and he has a great mind for fighting strategy and tactics!  ​

$75 for Current Elite Krav Maga Training& Fitness Members
$99 for Non-Members
This Seminar is limited to only 20 people

 The Sammy 'O" Oropeza Striking and Fight Strategy Seminar is perfect for not only the beginner self defense practitioner but seasoned MMA/BBJ athlete that is looking to improve and sharpen  their game.  This seminar will be hands on and action packed. Sammy will show you many of the striking combinations that  made him one of the most exciting fighters to watch! 

Notable Accomplishments
    - Williamson Trade School Head Wrestling Coach
- 2nd Degree BJJ Brown Belt
- Professional MMA Competitor (13-0-3)
- Professional Boxer (2-0-0)
- 5x Bellator Fighting Championship Veteran
- Strikeforce Veteran
- 2012 NAGA Philadelphia Championship Expert Division Champion

Sam started training BJJ with Team Balance in 2005. After winning many grappling competitions and receiving his purple belt in 2007, Sam started training at the Philadelphia Fight Factory with Eddie Alvarez. Sam turned pro in 2009 and during his MMA career has a 100% finishing ratio on all of his victories. Including 5 of this victories came in under one minute of the first round one of which was a 9 second KO head kick. An accomplishment not many others have reached in the sport.
Sam has trained at many large training camps and has sparred several world champions, including Jon Jones. In 2017 while working 2 full time jobs and providing for his family, Sam entered the professional boxing world with a one punch 35 second KO. In less than two months time turnaround, with the same work schedule, Sam won a 2nd boxing match in a unanimous decision while sending his opponent to the canvas twice in the fight.
Sam is a student of the game with a unique old-school style combined with innovative techniques that have been tested over 18x's in a professional combat setting. Sam's techniques are simple, effective, and applicable in a sport or self defense setting. As the youngest of 6 children and raised by a single mother, Sam understands not only the confidence that comes with training but the life lessons that are taught inside the gym. Sam is excited to work with the students to improve their techniques and accomplish their goals! 

 Elite Krav Maga Trianing & Fitness Members                                   Non-Members

Saturday, March 24th 2018


Tactical Concealed Carry Seminar 

We offer either 2 or 3 day option 

DATES May 4th, 5th & 6th (RANGE DAY!)

2 days $150

3 days $250 

This Seminar Requires a Minimum of 10 Students to be a GO! 

Public safety- police/ fire/ ems/ military (active/ reserve) get 20% discount.

About the Instructor: Chris Green, Read more about Chris here

Chris was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington and Beaverton Oregon. The 9/11 terror attacks drove Chris to the nearest recruiting station where he signed up for the Marine Corps Military Police. While attending law enforcement training in Missouri, Chris competed for a spot at the Military Working Dog (K9) Handler School at Lackland Air Force Base. Chris was stationed in San Diego where he pursued the Marine Corps Martial Arts Training and later Krav Maga.

Chris deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004-2005 as a MWD handler where he worked with various units to search out IEDs and weapons cashes.
Chris then became a Deputy Sheriff with a local sheriff’s office where he worked in the patrol division for over 8 years. Chris had the privilege of becoming a defensive tactics instructor and K9 handler for the Sheriff’s Office. Chris has helped teach recruits, reserve deputies, and citizens defensive tactics and other survival skills such as survival mindset, situational awareness, case law, and threat assessment.
Chris has been a certified Krav Maga Global Instructor since July 2012 and has risen to the rank of Expert 1 awarded by Master Eyal Yanilov, and is the owner and chief instructor of Invictus Defense Academy, a KMG USA Affiliate. Chris has been selected by Master Eyal Yanilov to serve on the Krav Maga Global USA National Team and was appointed as the Lead Law Enforcement Krav Maga Instructor for the United States. Chris specializes in Combat Fighting and Law Enforcment Krav Maga and brings his 13 years of law enforcement experience to the training floor where he teaches using real world scenarios that he has seen or investigated over his ilustrious career.

Chris has a wife and 11 year old son and currently resides in the Beaverton area.

About the Course:

Please join us for the Tactical Skills Concealed Carry Seminar, where you will improve your skills as an armed sheepdog in today's society!

If you are a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holder or you plan to get a CHL, THIS SEMINAR IS FOR YOU!

Even if you don't currently have a concealed carry permit, or even if you don't plan on having a CHL, this is a fabulous opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of being a concealed handgun carrier and the skills required to engage an active threat. In this day and a half seminar, Krav Maga Expert and former Law Enforcement officer and trainer, Chris Green, will teach you the tricks of his trade and show you EXACTLY what you need to know before carrying a weapon concealed.

Topics include:

* Carry positions- advantages and disadvantages

* Draw and get on target- Law Enforcement method

* Clear Firearm Malfunctions to stay in the fight

* Tactical movement and considerations

* Engaging an active threat- Considerations, Tactics, Liabilities and more

* Fighting with the firearm- Krav Maga Integration

* Weapon retention- In and out of the Holster

* Stress Inoculation Drills Carrying a weapon concealed is a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Understanding what it takes and knowing the precision skills needed to take on the role of an armed sheepdog is the responsibility of every CHL holder. Here you will get to learn from the experts of weapon handling and combat engagement. Again- NON- CHL holders are welcome.

We aim to educate everyone on the roles and responsibilities of carrying concealed.

Don't miss this seminar! Minimum age- 18 years old

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: * Bring the firearm you intend to carry concealed and the holster or method you plan to carry with (All methods if you plan on having multiple options) .

We have a couple blue guns to loan out but not many.

* Street Clothes you don't mind fighting in (Yes you'll be getting rough and tumble in this course)


* Water * Towel * Change of shirt if you'd like.


Friday 6p-9p 

(lecture, fundamentals, etc) I don't care how "skilled" people claim to be with their handgun, EVERYONE will be on the same page and go through the fundamentals portion.
Saturday- 9-12 
Sunday- 8-4 with hour lunch

Day 1- 3 hours of Fundamentals/ concepts/ mindset/ law
Day 2- more fundamentals, movement, elevation changes, retention, third party protection, striking with weapon, fighting for the weapon
Day 3- Options-
-additional 3rd party protection
- home protection
-active threat& workplace violence
-range time

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If you are a Public safety- police/ fire/ ems/ military (active/ reserve) please email or call to receive a 20% off discount.

2 Day option                                    3 Day option

**DATE Change** May 4th, 5th & 6th 2018