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Class Descriptions

Krav Maga- Advanced Krav Maga Class is by invite only. This training option is for the true Krav Maga practitioner! You have a set schedule and can make the commitment to take your self defense and fitness to new levels all while having a great time! Krav Maga is realist Self-Defense System that is easy to learn. With commitment and consistency you can become proficient in as little as 9 months. Sign Up in advance is encouraged. 

Krav Maga Striking-  Advanced Krav Maga Striking Class is by invite only. Good striking is paramount to becoming a great Krav Maga Practitioner. The more effective and efficient your striking is the more enjoyable your Krav Maga Training becomes. Our Strike Lab class offers striking fundamentals, basic combinations, footwork and fighting tactics. As our classes grow and our clients become better we will add an advanced strike lab in the future. Sign Up in advance is encouraged. 

Strength Class- Interval Strength Training. Each class is geared towards High Intensity Interval & metabolic strength training which leaves you burning calories all day long. Expect a Full Body workout with weights, bands, TRX Kettle Bells, Battle Ropes and more.
All Levels welcomed, great for beginners.  Sign Up in advance is encouraged. 

Conditioning Class- Each class is mixed with High Intensity Interval & Metabolic conditioning training which leaves you burning calories all day long. All Levels welcomed, some conditioning and cardio experience preferred. Sign Up prior to class in encouraged. 

Hardstyle Kettlebell Class- A kettlebell uses the muscles of the body in a completely different manner then traditional dumbbell workouts. The shape of the kettlebell (round with a relatively thick handle) plays an important role in getting such powerful results. The off center weight of the kettlebell forces your body to engage additional stabilizers, which improves the entire range of motion. This allows the body to experience a unique development of the muscles while also undergoing significant increases in endurance and strength. The use of a thick handles improves hand and forearm function. Sign Up prior to class in encouraged. 

West Chester Location

Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness West Chester is a 24 Hour access facility 

Strength & Conditioning - Personal Training – Kettlebells – Krav Maga
1316 West Chester Pike
West Chester, PA 19382


March 1st to September 1st

 24 Hour gym access
Everyone is Welcomed to join!
ONLY $25 per month



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Spring/ Summer Sale Rates

Certified Personal Trainer Richard West Chester Sale Fitness Training Private (Monthly Rate) 

1x per week, 4 sessions per month $125.00
2x per week, 8 sessions per month $220.00
3x per week, 12 per month $299.00

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