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Introduction  to Krav Maga For Fathers and Daughters

Saturday, June 29th (Date Change) 
$35 per person "Buy Now" 
$40 per person Cash at the door

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Introduction  to Krav Maga For Woman ONLY 

Saturday, September 7th
$35 per person "Buy Now" 
$40 per person Cash at the door

Imagine. You’re leaving work to pick up your child from daycare and the sun is going down. Darn! Just remembered you need to grab some dinner for tonight. So you swing by daycare to get your child and head to the grocery store. You do your shopping and are walking to your car. By now, it’s completely dark. 
Your child is tired and cranky so you quickly buckle him in his car seat and start loading groceries in your trunk. All of a sudden, you feel someone’s eyes on you. The little hairs stand up on your neck. You know you’re not supposed to ignore your intuition but you’re distracted trying to calm your child and rush to get home. 

All of a sudden, you feel a knife in your lower back and a raspy voice telling you to give him the keys. What do you do? 
At Elite Krav Maga, we don’t teach our students mediocre, ineffective self-defense techniques that produce false confidence. We study what’s happening within our world and community to identify the most likely attacks toward women and deliver precise, proven defense tactics against them. 
Moreover, we take time to work with each student individually to evaluate their strengths to determine the most effective method of defense within each technique. 
Are you prepared to defend yourself and your child if you were ever attacked? It’s time to regain your strength and confidence. Click below to sign up for our Women's Only Introduction to Krav Maga today!


5 Easy Fixes for Low back pain from sitting with Dr. Mike Quintans

The objective of this seminar will be to educate attendees on why we experience low back pain from extended sitting and how to address it. We will briefly discuss anatomy, review the impact of sitting mechanics on the spine, and how to reverse postural deficits independently. I have outlined 5 easy fixes to address low back pain associated with sitting. Pictures of the easy fixes will be provided to all attendees with appropriate sets and reps. There will be time available during and after for further discussion.
Why: Our bodies, especially our backs, were not designed to sit. Now we spend 8+ hours/day sitting
What: Why we experience low back pain from extended sitting and what we can do about it
How: Identify patterns, impairments, and interventions that will have a greater impact on your pain levels and allow you to return to your prior level of function without pain

Repeated extension in standing- high frequency
Hip flexor stretch- position, duration, and frequency
Gluteal strength- form and progression
Lower abdominal strength – form and progression
Core stabilization- form and progression

Mike is a Physical Therapist and Clinic Director at Excel Physical Therapy of Newtown Square. Mike is a native of Delaware County where he competed in multiple sports while attending Penncrest high school as well as football at Bloomsburg University where he graduated with a degree in Biology. Mike earned his doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Widener University. He is a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association.  

This event is limited to 20 participants so please email at to secure your spot

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Sam "Sammy O" Oropeza
Striking and Sparring Seminar

Wednesday, June 26th
$15 for Current Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness Members
$20 for Non-Members
This Seminar is limited to only 20 people

The Sammy 'O" Oropeza Striking and Sparring Seminar is perfect for not only the beginner self defense practitioner but seasoned MMA/BBJ athlete that is looking to improve and sharpen their game. This seminar will be hands on and action packed. Sammy will show you many of the striking combinations that made him one of the most exciting fighters to watch!
Come and learn some of the best striking techniques and combos from a true professional! Learn the angles and set ups that the best fighters already know!
The 2nd part of the seminar will be on how to safely and effectively spar to build on your skill set and lay the foundation for a long and successful career!
Sam Oropeza’s Notable Accomplishments

- Owner of TOPS Coaching (Striking Coach for 2 of the top Philadelphia MMA professionals)
- Williamson Trade School Head Wrestling Coach
- 2nd Degree BJJ Brown Belt
- Professional MMA Competitor (13-0-3)
- Professional Boxer (2-0-0)
- 5x Bellator Fighting Championship Veteran
- Strikeforce Veteran
- 2012 NAGA Philadelphia Championship Expert Division Champion

Sam started training BJJ with Team Balance in 2005. After winning many grappling competitions and receiving his purple belt in 2007, Sam started training at the Philadelphia Fight Factory with Eddie Alvarez. Sam turned pro in 2009 and during his MMA career has a 100% finishing ratio on all of his victories. Including 5 of this victories came in under one minute of the first round one of which was a 9 second KO head kick. An accomplishment not many others have reached in the sport.
Sam has trained at many large training camps and has sparred several world champions, including Jon Jones. In 2017 while working 2 full time jobs and providing for his family, Sam entered the professional boxing world with a one punch 35 second KO. In less than two months time turnaround, with the same work schedule, Sam won a 2nd boxing match in a unanimous decision while sending his opponent to the canvas twice in the fight.
Sam is a student of the game with a unique old-school style combined with innovative techniques that have been tested over 18x's in a professional combat setting. Sam's techniques are simple, effective, and applicable in a sport or self defense setting. As the youngest of 6 children and raised by a single mother, Sam understands not only the confidence that comes with training but the life lessons that are taught inside the gym. Sam is excited to work with the students to improve their techniques and accomplish their goals

Specialty Seminar Schedule
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Dads, keeping your family safe is your #1 priority. Elite Krav Maga Training Owner, Head Instructor/Trainer and father of two, Wayne Helms, knows that feeling all too well. He’s dedicated his life to helping individuals feel confident and prepared for whenever harm strikes. Now it's your turn. 
Join the Elite Krav Maga family in our Father/Daughter Introduction to Krav Maga seminar. This seminar revolves specifically around third-party protection (protecting not just you, but your family) and women’s issues such as wrist grabs, hair pulls, and bear hugs. 
It’s crucial you and your family feel prepared for even the worst situations. This interactive class allows fathers and daughters to learn not just practical and effective self-defense techniques but also enjoy an out-of-the-box activity that you’ll brag about for months!
Click below to sign up today for Elite's Father/Daughter Introduction to Krav Maga Seminar!